Raw Freedom

Tired of feeling like an outcast? What if there was another way?

"Who Else Wants to Get All the
Health Benefits of Raw, Without
the Social Isolation, Cravings or the
Pressure of Perfection?"

Finally... an Easy Way to Balance Raw and Cooked
Foods in the Right Ratio to Achieve Optimal
Health and Free Yourself from Social Problems

By Frederic Patenaude

"If you feel that everyone must be 100% raw, 100% of the time, then don’t buy this book! Says Frederic at 37 years old, after 17 years of raw food experimentations.

Let me admit something now. I eat cooked foods. Even though I promote what some would call a "raw food lifestyle," I don’t eat a 100% raw. And it works great for me!

For years, I tried to eat a 100% raw food diet.

But it didn’t work. I just couldn’t stick to 100% raw. I would constantly go back and forth between two extremes (eating very high raw and eating a lot of cooked foods), and I couldn’t find balance.

I considered this diet to be ideal. I wanted to feel the benefits that all raw foodists talk about:

- Increased energy
- Perfect skin
- Perfect digestion
- Freedom from disease
- Ideal weight maintenance

But instead... I got:

- Cravings
- Horrible dental health
- Constant obsession with food
- Inability to have a normal social life

But for years, I tried every raw food approach. I did the 100% raw approach. I tried the 80-10-10 Diet and the low-fat vegan approach.

And although all of these diets had something positive... I wasn’t happy on any of them. Until I realized something obvious... What works for someone might not work for everybody!

What works in some circumstances of life will not work in all circumstances. And yet, the raw food diet gurus kept telling everybody that the only reason for failure on their diet is because you haven’t done it well enough.

For 15 years, I was trying to be a raw foodist. I held the 100% raw food diet as an ideal. And for many of those years, I actually ate a raw food diet.

It sounded great on paper. But in practice, it was impossible.

With my lifestyle as a world traveler, I found it difficult to be more than a few miles away from my blender! And living in Canada, eating a raw food diet year round in a cold climate was just not fun or realistic.

But I kept trying and trying... hoping that one day I would find the courage to finally go 100% raw and stick with it.

I beat myself up for it too. What if I’m just not strong enough? What if I just don’t have the commitment?

It puzzled me, because I was very disciplined in other aspects of my life. But when it came to eating 100% raw, I just couldn’t maintain it.

Until I asked myself... what if there was a way to get all the benefits of a raw food diet without any of the drawbacks? What if there was another way?

Eating cooked foods as part of a raw food diet didn’t work because every time I did it, I became sick. My body became so sensitive on a raw food diet that it was very difficult to eat "normal" foods again.

So I was stuck in a weird place: not really happy with my diet at all, but forced to follow out of fear that I would get sick if I ate something else.

That’s until I discovered some crucial information that enabled me to finally make a raw freedom diet possible: finding the perfect balance between raw and cooked foods to get all the benefits without any of the negative consequences.

That’s what I call the Raw Freedom approach...

What About You?

If you’ve been eating a 100% raw food diet for many years and you are happy with it, without cravings or social problems, and you have no desire to change, then what I have to tell you is not for you.

But if you’d like to find great health and balance by incorporating raw and cooked food in a scientific way that works, then read on...

Listen, it’s really simple.

You like the idea of a raw food diet. It makes sense. But the truth is that you’ve tried it and it didn’t work.

You just can’t stick to it... and while the gurus would like you to blame yourself constantly for that failure and keep trying, you just won’t and it’s perfectly normal.

Instead of blaming yourself for this failure, why not take a more positive approach and try to succeed on the diet that you really want to eat?

Let’s be honest, although the raw food diet has great benefits, it’s not easy to follow! I’m talking about of course:

But what if you could have all of the benefits that raw food promises... without any of those drawbacks.

This is what I call the Raw Freedom approach.

I'm proud to announce the release of:

Raw Freedom

Combining the Best of Raw with Healthy
Cooked Foods for the Ultimate Diet

In this new book, you will discover...

The Truth About Raw Vs. Cooked...
How to Find Balance

This book is about creating a healthy, practical diet with a strong emphasis on raw foods, but not one that is so restrictive that it requires a 100% commitment to eating only uncooked foods.

It’s a fusion/inclusion program that recognizes that eating a big percentage of raw foods provides clear benefits, but cooking certain foods does too.

It’s also a way out for many raw foodists and health enthusiasts who can’t seem to find a balance, and too often hover between two extremes with a lot of associated guilt, often induced by years of striving to eat a diet that is frankly too restrictive.

The program that I’m proposing in this book is flexible and easily customizable.

This book contains practical advice, not theories.

Who is this book for?

I wrote Raw Freedom for people who:

- Are considering the raw food diet lifestyle.
- Already following some kind of raw food program.
- Wanting to improve your health by adding more raw foods to your diet.

Within one of these categories, you also find:

- You’re not interested in eating 100% raw, or you’re fed up with it.

- You’re looking for an alternative to the strict raw food diet promoted everywhere as the "holy grail" of health.

- You’ve experienced some health problems or failed to solve your own health problems following a raw food diet or similar programs.

- You want to eat a super-healthy diet that fits with your personality and your life, and you want to eat both raw foods and cooked foods.

I don't feel so guilty eating cooked foods anymore!

Hello Frederic, I have bought several books on raw and came to the conclusion that raw isn't for me. I did enjoy your book; I don't feel so guilty eating cooked foods anymore! I really think some lightly cooked foods and organic meats are beneficial for my personal preference. I always thought lightly cooking some food was better that eating it raw, even when I was eating mostly raw! I only did try it for a little while but I do think cooked food is just cooked food, so long as it’s not over cooked, its fine! I appreciate the information in your book very much; it was a load off my chest.

Thanks and good luck

Sara C

I have gone out to eat with family and friends and can feel like I am part of the group.

I have read the book and keep going back to sections that I want to read again. I have gone out to eat with family and friends and can feel like I am part of the group. I have been eating a lot more fat and seeing that you are eating more in your diet, not oils, has helped me feel more comfortable eating some nuts more often. When I eat out I will order a small salad with lemon wedges and steamed veggies with rice, either white or brown, and I love that I don't have to always order a salad only has I had when I was trying to eat all raw. Thank you for writing what you believe in and voicing what so many of us are feeling and have not known how to express our thoughts.

YM Noble


Thanks for this refreshing, honest look at the world of health and for giving me permission to let up and relax.

Hi Frederic, I am just getting to the last few pages of the book and so far, I love it. I really needed this at this particular time in my life. I was feeling EXTREMELY frustrated with the amount of confusion and disagreement among raw food gurus out there. I really hadn't put a finger on what my frustration was, but just like you, I want to LIVE my life, be extremely healthy and yet not spend it obsessed and alienated because of diet. I truly believe that one can have a great healthy life with balance. Thanks for this refreshing, honest look at the world of health and for giving me permission to let up and relax.

Sharon Peters


Thank you for being so honest and open.

Hi Fred, I finished your book in two days, simply couldn't put it down. Thank you for being so honest and open. You've hit so many sore spots for me head on, especially the one about struggling to give up on the ideal of raw food as the optimal diet for human beings. I still think it's the diet when facing serious illness, but it may not be sustainable for each and every person at every stage of their lives. I also have struggled to eat enough calories without addition of healthy cooked meals at night and now come to the conclusion that I need a better balance. Thank you for being the voice of sanity and reason.

Warm hugs.

Olga (Sydney, Australia)


After reading Raw Freedom I really feel empowered to make the right decision for me

I love your Raw Freedom book. I love how you explain areas where you may have changed your views from your previous books. I really appreciate the tools to choose how much raw food I want to include in my diet, and the best ways to go about it. You did a great job providing the pros and cons and various reasons for why each percentage of a raw verses cooked diet may be good/bad for different people. After reading Raw Freedom I really feel empowered to make the right decision for me, and even changing it based on the seasons here in North America, or on my phase of life, such as pregnancy and postpartum. You helped me understand why my body reacts various ways to the different diet combinations I have tried in my life. Now I feel like I can make diet choices with more clarity and awareness of what my body may go through and what it may need.

Rachel Sacks


Thank you for helping me set myself free

This really a refreshing book. I am so glad that I am not alone in my struggle to let go of raw food 100%. Fred you have really touched me with this book. I have followed you for years and I trust your work. Thank you for helping me set myself free.



Good to know that I am not going to die an early and painful death just because I didn't make it all the way to 100% raw.

HI Fred, Raw Freedom was quite a page turner. Good to know that I am not going to die an early and painful death just because I didn't make it all the way to 100% raw. This book has a great amount of extremely useful information. I have never been fully raw over long periods of time and still would like to get there some time and ironically enough there are lots of tips in your book to get there, kind of the reverse way. It also contains a lot of common sense.

Have a great day.


Here’s What You Will
Discover in the Book Raw

Here’s an overview of the main chapters of the book Raw Freedom and their content.

"The Main Advantages of Raw Foods," and "False
Science Used by Raw Foodists to Promote Their Diet"

In these two chapters, I look at the main advantage that eating raw foods provide, in order to make sure we can get all of those advantages also from a raw freedom program.

I also look at the common arguments that are used in favor of a 100% raw food diet and examine the science behind them. Some surprising answers will be found.

How to strengthen your digestion and avoid the most common problems of restricted diets: intolerance

This is probably the most important chapter in the book. Ever tried to eat a raw food diet (or any other restricted diet) and found that when you re-introduced that you previously digested perfectly, that you became sick?

In this ground-breaking chapter, you will discover:

"Removing the Guilt and the Quest to Perfection,"
and "Cleansing vs. Maintenance Diets"

These two chapters are meant for anyone who has tried for years to diet (raw or otherwise) and stick to an "ideal" without success. Some topics covered include:

"Are Cooked Foods Going to Kill You?"
and "What Cooked Foods to Eat"

Cooked foods are toxic, right? Well, it’s not that simple. These two chapters explain why. In them, you will discover:

"Alternatives to a 100% Raw Diet,"
and "Now, What do I Eat?"

These two chapters cover what are the common alternatives to a raw food diet, and how to start designing a raw freedom program that incorporates both raw and cooked foods in a healthy ways. You will discover:

Chapters on Animal Protein, Fat, Alcohol, and more

I’ve included a few chapters that cover my thoughts on controversial topics, such as animal protein, fat, alcohol, and more. You will discover:

Various Diet Recommendations

This chapter covers more important nutritional issues that will help you optimize your raw freedom program, without turning it into a complicated diet. You will discover:

Social Issues & Real World Issues: Dieting With a Partner

Because social problems are so common in people following any diet, I have dedicated two chapters to this important topic. In them, you will discover:

Common Problems and Their Causes

Raw food and vegan diets have many advantages, but can also lead to some unusual health problems. This chapter covers common issues and solutions to prevent or overcome them:

"Why it’s so Hard to Change" & "How to
Recover from an Unbalanced Diet"

These two chapters cover more the psychology of diets, and more raw-food specific issues, including:

Eating for Weight Loss or Weight Gain

These two chapters contain important advice on what to do when you’re trying to either lose weight or gain muscle. Including:

Appendixes and Recipes

The book also contains a few appendixes as well as a recipe section. Such as:

What Can You Expect From
a Book by Frederic Patenaude?

Raw Freedom is not the first book that I've written, but it’s probably the most important. I have written and published many books, including:

"Magnificent, Informative Book"
Frederic! You wrote a magnificent, informative book! As I mentioned yesterday, I really like the fact that you were so honest and open in telling the world about your unique experiences with the raw food movement. I was surprised to learn that you have spent three years with David Wolfe and company, that you have gone to Gabriel Cousens' Tree of Life (I’ve read and enjoyed all his books), met so many interesting people and had lots of exceptional experiences with the raw foods. I admire your vast knowledge in spite of your young age and your ability to write in a very captivating way. Now I tend to believe more what you wrote because I see that you did not start eating like this yesterday!
- Fern
"I love your honest approach and advice"
I totally loved the book!!! I could not put it down! It's amazing how I could relate to so many things but didn't know why they were happening until I read your book. I love your honest approach and your advice. I loved to read of your adventures as well (your heartbreak and all). It was extremely educational and it helped me a lot with understanding where I was going wrong with my raw eating. Thanks so much for writing it! I also enjoyed reading about your journeys and all that you experienced; you have some really good stories. Please update me on any other new literature from you - I am a BIG fan of yours!!!!!
- Alexandra
"I finally consider I have my feet on the ground with my food choices"
I loved the book - filled in so many blank pockets of missing knowledge I was unaware of, both regarding the history of the raw food movement and shedding light on the weaknesses and strengths of eating this way. My value system regarding what to eat has totally changed and I finally consider I have my feet on the ground with my food choices.
"Your book saved me from the worst to come"

Thank Goodness… Somebody has found the answers! I tried [tips shared in the book] after reading Raw Food Controversies.. Wow! It's working I'm not sick! I've increased my calories by eating more fruit. Before I went on the raw food diet I weighed a 186 pounds, I'm 5'3. Now I weigh 114 pounds. I was stuck at 150 pounds for a long time. It's amazing how much fat can be inside the body, even at a low weight. I have more energy than ever!

Everything that you said in your book was happening to me...I was so sick for 3 days I ended up seeing the doctor, couldn't eat, very weak, and your book arrived. Thank you I believe it saved me from the worst to come. I decided to apply the information through out your book like reading about Albert Mosseri in his basic principles of Natural Hygiene. It was breath taking when I read about your Personal Journey, I loved it! I also related to the Raw Foodists not realizing I too have been a Gourmet Pusher making beautiful dishes loaded with so much fat and salt which I now believe is unhealthy and dangerous.. I own 75 Raw Food Books, I'm starting over with low fat raw book recipes.

I felt so tired all the time. I couldn't understand it… I have been a 100% faithful on the Raw Food Diet...I thought I was eating healthy, but now I know I'm eating healthy, because I feel so fantastic inside, I'm back riding my unicycle and juggling and doing the things I thought I never would be able to do at 52 years old. It's so simple to eat simple! Raw Food Controversies book has changed my life and my teeth... I applied the information from the book to my own teeth with bleeding gums and other problems I was having. Wow! I have stopped the gum bleeding and my checkups are improving! There's just so much this book did for me that I could write forever! Thank you for getting the information out to all of us on your Personal Journey, it has stopped me in my tracks and has opened another door for growth. My husband Brian had brought this book for me and he to is starting to apply the book as well. Small simple steps of eating raw simple low fat meals that is... The beginning to improves health.

Sincerely, Margaret Crockett
"Personal and Thought Provoking"
Hi Frederic I have read Raw Food Controversies and loved it! It was extremely honest, personal and thought provoking. Very well written, easy to read, informative and at times quite emotional. I like the way that factual information is presented in shaded boxes making it easy to refer to at any time. I plan to re-read it soon. Well done!
- Karen M
"Solid, Practical Information"
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this book! It was a fun read and so full of good, solid PRACTICAL information. It was also helpful in my understanding exactly where you're at and why. Too often, you find others speculating about how various authors actually live their lives, without any real knowledge. With this book, you've offered the "transparency" to (hopefully) put a lid on any need for gossip.
With love, Shelah Segal
"I Was Blown Away By Your Honesty"
Hi Fred I have read your Raw Food Controversies book & I was blown away with your honesty & the information in this book. Your experiences along the raw food journey have opened my eyes to the mistakes & misunderstandings of other raw foodists. The over use of supposedly healthy fatty foods is prevalent in the raw food movement & too much of one nutrient is of course bad for you but they tell you that nuts, avocados & olive oil is good for you. Because of your experiences as set out in Raw Food Controversies, I understand too much of a good thing isn't necessarily healthy. Thanks so much Fred for your Book!!!
Regards Sue
"One of the Best Books on Nutrition"
Raw Food Controversies is one of the best books on nutrition I've ever read. Once I've started to read it I couldn't lay it down. I'm very thankful that you've shared your whole story as it is extremely helpful for all those who are at the beginning of their journey to a healthier life. With the help of your book they can avoid all the mistakes you and the people you met made. It's also very helpful for people who already are raw vegans but have difficulties to stay healthy on it. Thank you for this book!
- Therese G
"An Amazing Experience That Changed My Point of View on the Raw Food Lifestyle"
Reading "Raw Food Controversies" by Frederic Patenaude was an amazing experience that changed my whole point of view about the raw food lifestyle and my own approach. Through reading about his journey, I was able to take all his experiences into mine, keeping the best approaches and avoiding the harmful ones. It's been great to have Frederic Patenaude as a personal guide & trailblazer. The valuable information in his story has influenced me more than any of the many books i have read so far...
- L Perry
"You've Offered the Transparency to Put a Lid on Any Need for Gossip"
Hi Fred, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this book! It was a fun read and so full of good, solid PRACTICAL information. It was also helpful in my understanding exactly where you're at and why. Too often, you find others speculating about how various authors actually live their lives, without any real knowledge. With this book, you've offered the "transparency" to (hopefully) put a lid on any need for gossip. Thanks for putting it all together. Hope to see you and Veronica in South Florida again this winter.
With love, Shelah Segal
"An Excellent Resources for the Beginning to Intermediate Raw Fooder"

By the way, I thought the "Raw Food Nutrition Explained" DVD was very well thought out and organized and was really an excellent resource for the beginning to intermediate raw fooder. I really, really liked it! It's a really excellent introduction to raw food nutrition and the low fat raw vegan diet.

One of the things I like, and the reason I've bought a lot of Fred's products, is that he's concrete and is among the more scientifically/logically minded people. I felt that this DVD really showcased all those strengths and hence was very valuable and packed with good information.

- Bella :)

How Can a Raw Food Promoter Eat
and Promote Cooked Foods Now?

How can someone who has written "raw food books" now come out with a new books about incorporating both raw and cooked foods to create a healthy lifestyle?

The problem comes with the word "raw foodist." Words like that imply an identity based around food.

My experience over the last 17 years being involved in the natural "raw food" movement is that far too many people pretend to be pure raw foodists when in fact they are not. I prefer to stand by the truth and share my experience with the world.

Not all the truth has been settled about health and nutrition, and it’s normal to continue experimenting and not be satisfied until you’ve found something that really works.

Raw Freedom is for people who want to incorporate the best of both worlds — raw and cooked — in a sensible plan, when the restrictions of a raw food diet simply didn’t work.

How Is This Diet Different Than
Other High Raw Diets?

Many other diets on the market promote a balance of raw and cooked foods, such as Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Diet. However, these books don’t really address the issues faced by raw food enthusiasts when designing such a program. They also promote a rigid lifestyle that fails to take how each one of us is different and not one perfect diet will work for everybody.

Raw Freedom is about finding balance in a healthy way. It’s not about creating more restrictions for yourself or another "diet." It looks at issues that have never have been looked before by raw food promoters.

What's Included?

In addition to the book Raw Freedom, I have also included the following to create a complete package that and will answer all your questions and set you on the right track for success.

The Raw Freedom
Interview Summit

"Discover what these experts have to say
about eating a healthy diet that combines
both raw and cooked foods"

In addition to the book Raw Food Controversies, I have recorded hours of interviews with experts in the field of health and wellness, who also went from a 100% raw food diet to a more balanced approached. There’s over 4 hours of recording you can enjoy on your iPhone, computer, or other device.

What Kevin Gianni has to say about blood tests and why the raw food diet cannot work for everybody.

How a personal trainer in Hawaii improved her physical performance by including certain specific cooked foods as part of a high-raw diet.

A longevity expert reveals his relaxed approach to the raw food lifestyle, where cheating is not only possible but also advisable!

My own interview where I will reveal shocking stories from behind the scenes of the raw food movement, and the truth most raw food gurus don’t want you to know.

And more!

This bonus audio summit is a $49.95 value and is available as part of our main packages for the Raw Freedom

"All Of Your Raw Food
Questions Answered!"

Even with all of the detailed information contained in Raw Freedom, it's possible that some of your questions may not have been answered, or that you’d like to see some topics covered in more depth.

This is why I'll be conducting a series of two live teleconferences for anyone who orders this book during the launch.

These two teleconferences will also be recorded and transcribed (as an eBook) and made available to you in case you miss the live call and for your future reference.

This series of teleconference is a $97 value and will be available for FREE to anyone who orders the main package for the Raw Freedom, but only during the launch!

The live teleconferences bonus will only be offered during the launch... you save $97 by ordering now and get to participate in the live teleconferences!

Bonus Book

Get a Bonus Book Full of More Advanced
Chapters That Were Not Included in Raw

When my book Raw Freedoms was first in the hands of my editors, I was advised to remove certain chapters that were a bit too advanced, or outside of the scope of the main book. Although I included in the book everything I deemed to be necessary, I had to come to the conclusion that some of my writing was either too controversial or too advanced for the book.

However, if you order your copy now, you will get a bonus book that includes all of these chapters for only $10 more.

  • What changed in my health philosophy since I wrote my first books,
    such as Sunfood Cuisine, and Raw Secrets.
  • Giving up the "raw food ideal"
  • My philosophical discussion on the theory of the "garden of Eden" and
    the raw food diet in human evolution.
  • Fundamental differences between the diet of humans and chimpanzees.
  • Unrealistic expectations when it comes to diet
  • Children and the raw food diet
  • More on fruit and dental health
  • What I think about dairy products

Free Yourself From
Unrealistic Diets Now!

Raw Freedom is the only book that can truly free yourself to enjoy the life that you want as well as get health benefits from raw foods. Every other book is an "all-or-nothing" proposition that only adds to confusion.

I have learned the hard way, and I want to help you avoid the same mistakes I made and the health problems I got as a result.

Try something new. This is not another diet! Raw Freedom is a unique approach that no one else has about incorporating raw foods as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Read the book at your own pace. Listen to all the bonus audio programs for a full 60 days from the date of purchase.

If before the end of that time, you aren't 100% convinced of the quality of my information, simply return the package and contact our staff at www.replytofred.com. I'll personally make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Frederic Patenaude

Choose Your Package

Gold Package - $67*

This package includes Raw Freedom PLUS all of the bonuses. You can also get a digital-only version, with noshipping charges.

Here’s everything you get:

  • Raw Freedom eBook
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  • The audio series The Raw Freedom Summit, featuring interviews with multiple experts (in MP3 format)
  • The Live Q&A Call, including access to the live call and the MP3 recording and transcript.

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Raw Freedom