Odds are that you currently are, or will fall victim to tooth decay and periodontal disease at some point in your life.
If you are at your wit’s end looking for an alternative to expensive dental treatment of gingivitis, bleeding gums, or tooth pain, please read on...

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Over 79.7% of American adults (21+) ALREADY have some degree of Gum Disease. (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research).
If you are over 40, it is almost a certainty and YOU MAY NOT EVEN KNOW IT.

Dear fellow health seeker,

Do you or anyone in your family have...
  • Cavities?
  • Inflamed or Bleeding Gums?
  • Loose Teeth?
  • Tooth Pain?
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Deep Pockets Between the Teeth & Gums?
  • Abcesses?
  • Bad Breath?

It’s hard to imagine that you haven’t gone through some of that trauma, and if you haven’t, it’s usually just a question of time before you will. It’s unfortunately the sad reality, even for those of us who now do our best to eat a healthy diet and otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle.

Dental problems can cause huge physical, financial and psychological stress, and I certainly wish that you’ll never have to go through that ever again!

But until you learn exactly how to control your dental health, what’s the alternative? Going to the dentist to get some repair? Then consider this:

Repair Work, Alone, Does Not Heal Teeth And
Gums From the Many Stages Of Decay!

Repair work such as scaling, pulling teeth, drilling, filling, root canals, etc., only fix the symptoms of bad teeth and weakening gums. As humans, we come into contact with and are susceptible to hundreds of strains of oral bacteria at any given time. Many are harmful to our oral environment and don’t just ‘go away’ after your dental visit... the disease process goes on and on unless you absolutely and deliberately do something to change it.

When you do, teeth and gums can heal themselves.

I can tell you, I thought I knew about dental health, but it wasn’t until I read the work of Dr. Nara that I finally understood how to proactively take control of my dental health and start reversing some of the damage already done.

“In my opinion the whole thing boils down to one simple fact: The dental establishment is scared to death that the public is going to realize that the entire profession has been making a living by repairing the results of a disease they could have been curing all along!”

- Robert O. Nara, D.D.S.

For this reason, I have decided to make available the most powerful eBooks on the subject I have ever found... all in one convenient Action Pack:
How To Heal & Prevent Dental Disasters In
21 Days Or Less

Why Do Perfectly Good Teeth go Bad??

Nature provided us with perfectly healthy teeth.
Why don’t they stay healthy for the rest of your life?

You’ve been told that the reason we get cavities is because of sugar. But even if you avoid sugar, many perfectly healthy foods that we should be eating — like fruits - contain sugar. And other healthy foods, like nuts and seeds, do contain carbohydrates that turn into sugar.

So what’s left… starve yourself or go on a no-carb diet? Even Paleo diets contain foods that turn into sugar, such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes or vegetables.

Don’t believe the hype that all you need to do is stick to a particular diet or use a particular paste or mouthwash and all of your dental problems will disappear. There is so much more to the story, and the story begins with ‘Money by the Mouthful’!

Join with thousands of others who have learned the simple, key aspects of keeping your teeth healthy for life. You’ll be pleased with the results now, and for many years to come (when your friends have replaced their good teeth with expensive dentures or even more expensive implants).

Your How To Heal & Prevent Dental Disasters In 21 Days Or
Less action pack includes:


By Dr. Robert Nara

What you should know about the health of your mouth and body... that no doctor is going to tell you

In this book you will learn the secrets kept from the public about oral health and what we should know about caring for our teeth and gums - information which you may never have heard before.

This is NOT an book about brushing twice a day and visiting your dentist every six months. This is a book that exposes the dental profession (industry) and reveals the truth about dental disease and what YOU can do about it RIGHT NOW!

Money by the Mouthful presents THE MOST SUCCESSFUL APPROACH to keeping your teeth and gums healthy or getting them back to an optimum state of health and keeping them that way!

This is NOT some new ‘miracle’ cure, I know you might think it is. But consider this:

The CAUSE and CURE of tooth and gum decay has been

This EFFECTIVE, ‘Common-Sense’ approach to oral health, though not widely promoted by the dental profession, is based on sound scientific research and written for anyone to understand and apply - with proven results.

This is what you’ll find in Money By the Mouthful, an e-book that will give you the necessary information to take control of your dental health now!

The Program Also Includes the Following Special Reports:

g How to Make Your Own Mouthwash and Toothpowder - $19.95 value
Save hundreds of dollars by learning to make your own mouthwash, which has been shown to be more effective than the chemical-laden products sold at the stores. Also discover how to make an effective replacement for toothpaste, that literally costs pennies.
g The Top Recommended Dental Products - $19.95 value
There are literally hundreds of dental health products available at your local pharmacies. Some work, some don’t. Discover our top recommendations in this very detailed report.
g 20 Common Mistakes That Destroy Your Teeth - $19.95 value
You think you’re doing everything right but are still experiencing dental problems? This report outlines the top mistakes that most people make (often without realizing it!) that are guaranteed to cause long-term dental problems. Avoiding them is very easy once you know what to look for.

Satisfied Readers Agree...

“I have learned more from Money by the Mouthful than in 30 years of going to the dentist. I am now disseminating this information to my children and also to my clients, as I’m a consultant for natural healing. The truth shall set us free. Thank you for consistently working on doing just that.”

Sincerely, Pam H.
Naples, FL

“Let me thank you again for your site, Dr. Nara’s books, and the tools, everything. It’s been fabulous for me in all sorts of various ways– just an example: when I began to read the texts, I had 4 deep cavities. By the time I’d finished reading, assembled the tools I thought I’d need for remineralization and gum help.

”Well, I got in there after a couple months– those cavities were gone, LITERALLY GONE.

“There was no TRACE that they’d ever been there. Well, you might imagine I nearly passed out, it was so freaky! And the great consequences just keep comin’.

”So, thank God you’re doin’ what you’re doin.’ It’s appreciated.”

All the best,
Michael B.

“...thank you for the information about teeth. I found it useful to eliminate some tooth pain and belived that practicing what was said in the books saved a tooth and some dental dollars as well.”

Robert F.
Toronto, ON

Inside this program you will discover...

You'll discover the myths,
half-truths and outrightlies spread by the dental industry

MYTH: "It's normal to get gum disease and dental problems as we get older"

First of all, teeth are meant to last your entire lifetime.

No other part of your body is as tough, as well-constructed and capable of recovering from disease.

Given half a chance, your mouth would be, and should be the healthiest part of you, forever.

MYTH: "Dentures and implant are an acceptable replacement of natural teeth."

False teeth are one of the most lucrative tricks in the dentist's bag, but they are dangerous to your health. Dentures and implants will never replace natural teeth, and will damage your quality of life. You must do all you can to keep your natural teeth.

MYTH: "Your tooth and gum disease problems are genetic and
there is nothing you can do about it."

When you know the true cause and cure for tooth decay and gum disease, you can absolutely do something about it, regardless of family history.

MYTH: "All you need to do is brush after meals, floss, avoid
sweets and see the dentist every six months."

In our program, you’ll discover that ‘formula’ to be virtually useless. People whose health depends upon it, and who use this as a guide - are fooling themselves.

***You’ll Also Get These Additional Reports***


How to Become Dentally
Self Sufficient...

$29.95 value — FREE!

by Dr. Robert O. Nara

This bonus e-book holds the keys to your good oral health - keeping your teeth healthy for life! You and your family can benefit RIGHT NOW with these startling, yet simple procedures that can keep you out of the dentist’s chair and keep your money in your pocket!

Why be one of the nearly 98% of all Americans who are suffering from some form of tooth and gum disease?

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to REALLY care for your teeth (forget the TV commercials!)
  • How to care for your children’s teeth & keep them cavity-free
  • How to teach them proper care to keep them healthy for life!
  • How to act in an emergency
  • What to do if you lose a filling, chip or lose a tooth...
  • What foods and nutrients are best for your teeth
  • What you can do for your teeth if you already have decay above or below the gumline, pain, bleeding or loose teeth...

No matter what condition your teeth or gums are currently in, you can REVERSE the disease process, save your teeth and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the process! You DO NOT have to look forward to a mouth full of dentures after a lifetime of dental work!


The 7 Factors Digital Transcript
Dr. Nara’s Last speech before the
World Health Federation.

$19.95 value — FREE!

In this bonus Dr. Robert Nara reveals the truth
about dental health the dental profession has
never dared to say.

“Now, my goal in life, as best as I can tell you, is to help people keep their natural teeth in their mouths for a whole lifetime without any pain, without any expense, without any fear and really without ever going to see the dentist. Because the things that you need to know to keep your teeth healthy, you probably are not going to learn from a dentist; because primarily, dentists are mechanically oriented and money motivated. So, it’s a little hard to learn from them what you need to know to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.”


$97 Value!

Kevin Gianni & Frederic Patenaude

Along with the main program material, you’ll get access to a one-hour video with Kevin Gianni and Frederic Patenaude, where you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what routine to follow to heal your teeth, if you’ve experienced any kind of dental problems.
  • How to avoid the common dental problems associated with vegetarian, vegans, and raw food diets.
  • Nutritional changes you can make that can save your teeth.
  • What to think of mercury amalgam removal, fluoride, holistic dentist, and more. Some of our answers will surprise you (and relieve your wallet).

* Video is ready and is included in the download page.


You will save at least $1000 in dental bills, or
I'll pay your money back!

I am so convinced that once you read and apply the materials which you’ll soon discover in this program, you'll do a complete turnaround in the way you view and manage your family's oral health and see continued improvement in the health of your teeth and gums, saving you at least $1000 in dentist bills.

... or I’ll refund your purchase for up to 60 days after your purchase! You must be completely satisfied!

Frederic Patenaude
Editor of Renegade Health

Keep in mind: I have actively tried to find solutions for
dental problems for years, and this is the book that
saved my health.

It’s generally just a matter of time before dental problems plague your life. They are a major financial burden, in addition to compromising your health in several areas.

Literally, this information is worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

This program costs less than a visit to the dentist’s office.

Order Your Copy of the
“How To Heal & Prevent Dental Disasters In 21 Days Or Less ACTION PACK”*
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Why not take your dental health seriously? If you could just learn one valuable thing from this book that would save you thousands of dollars and pain in the dentist chair, it will be worth it.

The ebooks and digital bonuses will be available for immediate download, and you will
be able to refer to this valuable information for the rest of your life.


Start Saving Thousands of Dollars in Dentist Bills

We’re told that brushing twice a day and visiting your dentist every six months is the answer.

Yet, by the time you reach your 40’s, statistically, you are likely to be suffering some degree of gum disease without even knowing it.

Scientists are now linking gum disease with heart disease, diabetes,arteriosclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s and a growing number of other systemic illnesses.

Learning to save your teeth could save your health.

If if you can keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime without drilling, filling, planing, root canals, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on dental care over a lifetime.

Teeth and gums will heal themselves, given the proper care and environment.

How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters reveals the truth about dental disease and what you can do about it starting today!

Order Your Copy of the
“How To Heal & Prevent Dental Disasters In 21 Days Or Less ACTION PACK”*
$97 $67 US

Why not take your dental health seriously? If you could just learn one valuable thing from this book that would save you thousands of dollars and pain in the dentist chair, it will be worth it.

The ebooks and digital bonuses will be available for immediate download, and you will
be able to refer to this valuable information for the rest of your life.


To your health & success,

Frederic Patenaude

PS: You can either spend years trying to condense all of this technology yourself or you may also do nothing about it. Either way, you’re missing out on the fast-track to BEATING GUM DISEASE AND TOOTH DECAY which can help you SAVE more money & maybe even your life.

PPS: I would have given anything to have gotten that information 15 years ago! That’s why I’m making it available to you now. I don’t want you to go through the same problems I did!